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Our farm operates according to the principles of a natural, ethical and sustainable agriculture, non-intensive and without the use of pesticides and inorganic fertilizers.

Here takes place the whole production chain, from cultivation to the milling of the olives in our own oil mill.


Caninese is the cultivar par excellence in our territory and gives life to our Monocultivar Canino olive oil.

Our Blend is instead the expression of the most popular cultivars of central Italy: Leccino, Frantoio and Moraiolo.

The olive harvest is exclusively made by hand with the aid of electric olive harvesters that avoid harming the plant by shaking the branches only. Within 12 hours from the harvest, we start the transformation process.


We follow with the maximum care every stage of the transformation, that is as a delicate process as it is exciting.

Our aim is to obtain a high quality product by starting from healthy and unprocessed olives and working with modern and performing machinery.

Ours is a new generation oil-mill that cold-presses the olives in a continuous cycle, milling 200 kg of olives per hour.


We periodically carry out analyses on the organoleptic properties of our oil to monitor the stability of production quality. Our oil never exceeds the value of 0.2% acidity and is rich in polyphenols, with a low number of peroxides.


We have submitted many times our extra virgin olive oil to different panels, receiving extremely positive reviews and awards.


Defoliation, washing and


With the aid of a defoliator the olives are separated from leaves and twigs and then washed. They are crushed through two gramoles and transformed into dough, a paste, thus reaching the next step: the decanter.


The oily part of the dough is separated by free fall from the pomace and water and is collected in steel containers, while the pomace and water are expelled. The oil is subjected to a first filtration with the use of a sterile cardboard filtro, thus eliminating any trace of aqueous residues.


The oil is stored in stainless steel tanks for complete insulation from light. A nitrogen saturation system prevents any contact of this with oxygen. The oil rests in the tanks keeping the fragrance of the milling unchanged until, at the request of the customer, it is packaged in cans or glass bottles.

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